My First Blog Post Ever!

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“A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share  your shopping list.”


I’ve always wanted to start blogging and now that I’m unemployed, I figure it is the perfect time for me to start!

This is hopefully the first of many blog posts to come.  In my blog, I plan on reviewing many things:

♥ Products / Gadgets (primarily kitchen- and photography-related stuff)

♥ Recipes (emphasis on quick & easy)

♥ Cook Books (there are so many to choose from!)

♥ Places

♥ People (specifically heroes in our every day lives)

♥ Restaurants

♥ Businesses

♥ Movies (in theatres or rentals)

I will also be sharing my own recipes, photography, DIY projects, funny/inspiring stories, interesting topics and anything else I can think of to share.

If there is something you would like me review or share, please let me know!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to bring you a little ray of sunshine now and then!